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Gear box service/oil change

John W Mar

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When is it necessary to change the gear box Oil in my 2011 XF S  Portfolio that has logged 90,000 miles?

The car is running well in the 2 years I have owned it but the service record is incomplete.



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Hi John,


I've just had mine done by Hollygrove of Ringwood. My XF is a 3.0D 2010 with 85k on the clock. It cost about £375 plus labour, using Mahle products (as supplied to Jaguar).


After they'd completed the job we had a look at the magnets which are mounted on the old sump. I didn't have any visible debris or metal filings.


I've since cover 1000 miles and can feel a subtle improvement in gear changes and its quick reactions, especially when cold. It isn't earth shattering but then my Jag only goes on fast A & B roads and not into towns or city's (wife's Golf does all that stuff 😁)


The guidance I've seen is about 10years or 100k, so I would add it to your "to do" list.





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