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central locking fault

Trevor Piper

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The door keys will not unlock the doors. They will lock them OK, but will not unlock them. I have to open the car by using the door lock and then I have to quickly insert the key into the ignition and turn it on to stop the alarm sounding. I have replaced both door key batteries to no avail.Has anyone had this problem and how do I cure it.

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Hi Trevor

Welcome to the Jaguar owners Club

This problem may be due to a sticky door lock, when you request the door to lock then one of the door locks does'nt fully lock properly, it cannot carry out the last request fully.

When the car is unlocked can you click the unlock button again to see if the locks click? even though they are already open they may click or the car lights will flash. At least you can then eliminate the fob, and the car central locking system is responding.

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I had a similar problem with the central locking, it let me lock the car remotely but when i came back to the car i couldn't unlock it with the remote, it would only unlock manually with the key and as you say you have to be a bit spritely in getting the key in the ignition or the alarm sounds. Had me going for a couple of days this until I realised that the steering lock wasn't activating after removing the key from the ignition. There is a small sprung switch/pin in the ignition barrel that wasn't returning when the key was removed, a squirt of WD40 down the barrel and a bit of working with the key sorted it out. No problem since. Worth a look Trevor.

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