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I have recently bought a 53 plate S type 4.2 V8 with sat nav and climate control. The problem I am getting is with the climate control ..... ie whatever temperature I set it to, all I get is hot air coming into the car, even when I set it to its lowest setting. Ok this might be fine in the depths of winter, but as you can imagine its not very comfortable in the summer months when you want cooled air entering the car. I'v heard this is quite common, and apparently, an "easy fix".

Has anyone else come across this, or have any ideas of the problem?

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welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club carl

It may be the heating flap (my minds gone blank on the name) that is stuck open.

does it make any noises? try it with the ignition on (not the engine) at the lowest fan setting to hear if the flap moves at all?

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