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Hello. New X Type Owner


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Hello to everyone. After doing a bit of research this looks like the place to be if you've bought a Jaguar, so here I am. I've acquired an X Type 2.1 V6 as recently as yesterday and will probably require a bit of help as I start to find out more about the car. Wasn't exactly my first choice of Jaguar model to be fair, heck it wasn't even my first choice car model!

I was put on to it by my father in law who knew the guy who'd had it previously and who'd passed away some 2 years ago, its been standing for over two years as he'd been unable to drive for some time before his death but it's been serviced and MOT'd every year.

His wife wanted rid of it, so went to see it yesterday morning and it was great, a bit dusty and a bit grubby inside (think I sucked 5 or 6 spiders up hoovering it out yesterday!!) but nothing that a decent vallet wouldn't sort out.

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