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New Canadian Owner

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I have been looking for a Jaguar for 2 and a half years and I was scouting for deals. And you may not imagine that isn't so easy here in Canada where the prices of cars are very high. Despite that I managed to drive home in a near mint 1990 Jaguar XJ6 Soveriegn in gunmetal grey, for only $2500 CAD!!! I just picked it up yesterday so my friends and co-workers don't believe me yet, but wow. There is just nothing like driving a Jaguar, Here in Canada we only got the 4.0 I6 and only the biggest stacked Luxury models, no diesels, no manual transmission, no tweed seats, because here in North America Jaguar is a very very very high scale brand. Extremely rare cars. They get lost in a see of cheap Lexus' and Cadillacs. Why buy a $50,000 Cadillac when you can have real luxury for $2500 and the running costs aren't bad at all! Parts here are dirt cheap and I made it 250KM to the next city and back and apparently only used 1/10th of the tank! What a beautiful machine. Nothing else compares. If you want the caché and don't want to deal with bankbusting running costs, then there is no comparison. This car is bulletproof, WELL DONE BRITAIN, you will always be the finest producers of cars in the world no matter what the germans make.

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