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Cleaned my XF with err...peanut butter

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Yes, you read that correctly. I recently purchased an 09 XF 3.0D in ultimate black and LOVE it. I am however tidying up some minor blemishes here and there. One of which was an annoying white reside left on the rear lower vinyl trim by the exhausts by presumably wax. The usual soaps and cleaners didn't shift it, but I tried using smooth peanut butter instead. I checked to see no neighbours saw what I was doing (naturally) and gave it a whirl. And it worked! I'm hoping the oils haven't just disguised it, but I gave the car a wash and still no residue visible.


Question is, how on earth did someone think of it?

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Richard, I can never understand why they put mayonnaise on sandwiches.  They do not put sugar in your tea or coffee before you get it, so why put something else on that you do not ask for?

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On a motorbike forum I frequent, someone asked how to remove the sticky residue that a tank-pad had left behind. Same thing, the usual stuff wouldn't shift it. Someone suggested bog-standard furniture polish....and it worked perfectly with the added bonus of polishing the paint at the same time!

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