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X-Type 2.2 aadvice for a newbie

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Hi all,

A bit premature here as I'm not yet an X-Type owner, but will be in the next few days/weeks.


My question - I'm going to view a 2007 2.2 Sport saloon at the weekend. I'm quite experienced with cars and mechanics so feel free to use non-laymans term, I'll know what you mean. 

What are the most common things to look for on these models? I know how to spot a re-spray and dodgy maintenance history etc and have repaired my own vehicles all my life from spark plugs to engine & gearbox rebuilds so I know what I'm doing with a toolkit, but really want to know what actual owners have found with their vehicles.


Many thanks in advance. When I figure the site out, I'll post a picture of my new pride & joy (When I find it!)



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Hi Mick


This is a link to a buyers guide for the X-Type that we produced.



I hope other X-Type owners can give some first hand advice and guidance and good luck with your search...hope you find a good one!


Regards   Trevor

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I've just bought a 2.0D last week, I was after a 2.2 estate, it is a minefield out there, took me 2 months to find a good one, what I've found on many X-types that I went to look at where problems with the Drive belt Pulley Tensioner, Dual Mass Flywheels seem to go on the 2.2. apart from these that everyone seems to know about, I found a few with suspension problems - clunking over rough ground.

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Cheers for that.

I found a 2.2 in Derby and picked it up tonight. I too was after the Estate but struggled to find a good one without a 200 mile trek to see it so bought the saloon, which I prefer the look of anyway.

So glad I went for the 2.2 as I was contemplating the 2.0 but decided it would only be a compromise for me so waited. Also glad I got the Sport model too. It's a fanatic drive and really gave me the grin factor in the 60 mile drove home!

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