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Is this too cheap?

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Hi guys,


Totally new (don't even own a jaguar yet), but I found this ad and I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on an x-type of this price.




Seems cheap, is that a reason to avoid? Is it possible that a decent model would be this price or am I just asking for a world of pain?



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It does seem cheap, but you can pick up really good second hand Jags cheap , haven't got got a friendly mechanic you could pay a few bob to to give it the "once over" ? .


Or why not pay the AA to do a vehicle inspection for you, it is about £150 for non members, then you would know what you're getting.







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It does seem cheap, but it is a very high mileage averaging over 16k a year.


I agree with Trevor K as I would also get an inspection done.


I would also ask if there is a full warranty for at least a month, as it is from a dealer.


I would also check out the reliability of the dealer, if you have any local contacts.

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