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spark plug change

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Hi Simon,


There are several good videos on how to do a plug change on You Tube.


Apparently main dealers charge a lot of money, so it is either a good mechanic that you know or a DIY job.



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Hi Simon,


The inlet gaskets are made of rubber in which case it would be okay to reuse if they are not damaged.

As Peter mentioned earlier there are You Tube videos worth watching to assess whether you feel confident to tackle the job.



Regards    Trevor

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thanks for the tips lads, its a diy job for me .


How soon are you planning to do this job mate?

I dont think i'm too far from you and i would very much like to see this being done as its going to need doing on mine sooner or later and i'm not looking forward to it!. Maybe i could watch/help?

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just done mine, when getting lg fitted.

As you will have the manifold off renew the breather under the lower manifold, it is know to need replacing.

am in st neots if you need help let me know. 

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I've looked at the videos on youtube and searched the web for instruction on tackling this job butcan't decide whether the throttle body comes off with the manifold or stays on. Any guidance guys?

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