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Help! Someone kindly battered my driver side door mirror and smashed it to pieces. Not just the glass but the whole mirror. I have trolled the internet to find a replacement either new or used but without success. The car is a 2008 X Type Estate and the mirror has an inbuilt indicator which is what seems to be causing the difficulty as there are plenty of other mirrors. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi, Pip and welcome to the club.


Have you checked Euro Car Parts, British Car Parts, or the David Manners Group, the latter being Specialist Jaguar/Daimler stockists.


Phoning any of these would be the easiest way of getting the part you want.  Also Euro Car Parts have a large number of shops.





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Hi Pip....and welcome to the club !


I have trawled eBay and cannot find any with indicators at present.

However, I have attached a link which is worth checking on a daily basis to see if there are any new listings




Regards   Trevor

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The indicator-equipped door mirrors were only introduced in the 2008 facelift, so it's no wonder you're not finding many/any on eBay. Most such listings come from breakers, and I suppose not enough 2008-2009 X-Types have met their makers yet.


I can dig you the part codes necessary, if you can provide the following details:

- VIN (last 6 characters)?

- memory mirrors or not?

- power-fold or not?

- chrome cover or painted, if painted, which colour (front door well has a sticker with your paint code on it)


The parts catalogue also lists both convex and flat mirror glass pieces, no idea which ones you'll need.

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