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X Type rough idling when cold

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Hi There,

4 months ago i bought an 04 x-type 2.0 diesel which i have loved since getting it!

last week however i had to have a new alternator fitted (these things happen) and ever since ive had a rough idling issue from a cold start but clears up once it has reached normal operating temperature!

The garage that fitted the alternator have had my car back and checked it over for 2 days without finding a fault!

Ive been told that this could be either a EGR valve issue or that the injecters might need 

recalibrating but both have been checked and no problems were found!

Has anyone any knowledge of this issue and how it can be cured?


Many Thanks


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Hi Tom, I don't know if the following is of any help if you have not cured your problem by now.....

           I had a defective EGR unit......it caused smoke to be emmited out of the exhaust when a fast start was made from rest........the EGR gets "sooted" up through too many short journeys, the EGR can be removed from the engine and cleaned of soot. On my 2.2D it was mounted on the top lefthand side of the engine. Also with regards to the erratic tickover that you are experiencing when the engine is cold. I had this problem on my 2.2 D. It used to play up until the engine temperature increased. I lived with this problem until I exchanged it for my current XF. I believe there are "Sensors" in the Air Intake Hoses which operate a "Butterfly" in order to regulate the amount of cold air going into the engine. This "Butterfly" opens fully when the engine is Hot. I believe it is called a MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow). This sensor can be electrically tested and can be removed and cleaned with Special Cleaner......THIS MUST BE DONE WITH GREAT CARE.......when removed it looks like a minature electric light bulb filament. When incomming air passes over this filament it produces an electrical resistance. If the air is very cold the electrical resistance opens the butterfly just a little...thus it acts like a "Choke" to the engine. As the incomming air gets warmer the resistance alters and the butterfly opens up, thus this allows more air into the engine which then operates normally..If this MAF filament gets blocked up the engine can play up until it gets warm/hot then MAF is not needed. This can give a rough engine "tickover" and eratic engine operation until the engine gets warmer.


I bought an E-manual for my X Type...It cost £9-99p. I downloaded it onto my PC and Tablet. It is in a PDF format and I could look at any part of the X type in order to see how it operates......it really is a good investment. (E manuals-on line).


        Please try to get further info about the above if you can before attempting to check the above. I  had a simular problem on a Ford Explorer 4.0 litre Petrol Engine....this had a MAF which was |"Clogged" up. I had it cleaned by a Garage.....If you use the wrong cleaner it can ruin the sensor.

If you go onto "U-Tube" and type in...cleaning a MAF Air Sensor on a Ford Explorer 4.0 litre engine, it shows you how to do it........and what cleaner was used.




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Some good information there, Billyboy.  I had and "Engine Malfunction" message and an amber warning light on the dashboard.  £69 poorer after 25 minutes at a main dealer the information I received that it was the EGR valve.  I read up a little and realised that I had had no longish runs for about a month.


I have now ensured that I have at least a run over 30 miles each week, and also give the engine a bit of a blast. A gallon of diesel and an enjoyable hour in the car is much cheaper than a main dealer, and also stops you getting your hands dirty, which at my age I am not too inclined to do anymore.





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