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Gearbox oil change confusion!

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Hi all,

On my '00 XKR, I would like to change the gearbox oil at the same time when I service the engine this weekend. Having read it can be a tricky process, I thought best to seek advice from a local (to me) 'specialist'. 


I called them to ask for advice and costs and was quoted over £300 just for the gearbox oil change! They were also really resistant to offer any general advice unless they were charging for it which came across as pretty arrogant, insisting that as I was not a specialist how could I possibly understand anything about Jags! 


I do all of my own work on my cars on race bikes as I am an Ex-Vehicle tech. I do have a couple of questions that hopefully the JOC members could help with. If you could give me a steer, that would be great:  


  • Does anyone know the type of MB gearbox used in the XKR (Gearbox code)
  • What fluid could be used. I know Jag stuff is recommended but what is the oil specification as £25 plus VAT per litre seems very steep when I need 6 of them. 

I have maintained Porsche's for years and they are a fair bit cheaper for all service parts, which I thought was pretty surprising! 


Thanks chaps



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Hi there, just saw your comments.


My opinion for what its worth having read a lot of info on this from various sites and just having had it done on my XJ 2.7Tdvi is.......


Firstly is it £300 for a service or an oil change?

I wouldn't necessarily recomend just changing the oil, you wouldn't just change your engine oil without changing your filter would you?


Seemingly its quite a complicated process, getting the oil up to a certain temp range an can be a 2 man job, cycling through the gears etc etc


I believe you can buy a kit that includes the sump / filter and oil from Bristol trnasmissions or the net for around £175 but then its down to you.





Hi Jim,

Thanks for the comments, as per the op, they quoted me £300 to change he gearbox oil alone, I do my own engine servicing and I would like to find out which MB box it is so I can buy the filter and gasket from them as its a better price (assuming its the box I think it is!).

I think these chaps just think they can charge what they want! - Crazy



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I've just had a gearbox oil change by my local specialist (S&P autos) for £258. Including drain, refill, topup change plug etc. My S type MKI was done by Bristol transmissions two years ago around £300.


X type is JATCO box, S type MKI is a ford box.


Part of problem is JAGUAR sell the stuff in small bottles as they dont see it as necessary.

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Well, I have bought Mercedes spec oil, filter and seal as its the XKR for about £120 (through my trade account)

Its being changed by a local specialist Bruce Cousin for labour only at £85, so just over £200 all in.


Happy with that and a bit more peace of mind that its done..


I did the engine oil and filter last weekend, really easy job too 

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Just an update, had the gearbox oil, filter and gasket done today on the XKR.


Wow, what a difference!

shift changes are so MUCH smoother and quieter, result. If you have not done this already, I highly recommend it!  

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