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Tuning box advice and should I have an Aux-in socket

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Picked up our 7th Jaguar last week after a 3 year absence and having done 400 plus miles already absolutely delighted with it, its a 2008 X-type 2,2d Sovereign auto, just two questions:-



1) Should it have an Aux-in socket and if so where will it be? just haven't had time to look in all the usual places.


2) I am thinking of putting a Ron Box 2 on it, will the auto box be able to cope and is it a worthwhile mod?

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Read this thread - http://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/topic/9273-diesel-tuning-box-chip/?fromsearch=1

My comment is the last one I believe.

I can't slate these plug-in boxes enough. They will cause you nothing but trouble, especially with DPF's clogging from the excess soot.

Give Celtic Tuning a try. It's more expensive but you'll save money in the long run by not having bits of your pride and joy ruined by what a tuning box will do to them.

I had my 2.2D remapped by them last month and it was worth every penny!

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If its a plug in tuning box, personally I would steer clear, they are a device that fools the ecu to allow more fuel in = power.

Seems good but can often lead to other issues and the fuel economy claims are seldom anywhere near the claims.


Best spend the cash on a custom map that is tailored to your needs (performance and economy)  

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