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Hello everyone. New to this forum and Jaguar ownership. Have a 3.0 litre auto with the 5 speed box. Apart from a couple of small faults i have sorted she is fabulous!

But I have a question regarding the 5 speed. This may sound stupid... but i'm not sure it is going into 5th!

The changes are all good with perhaps a slight thud going into 1st at times when cold and idle revs are still high.

But at 60mph on the flat and "cruising" she is at 3000 rpm. This seems a wee bit high?

But i cant count 4 changes from rest. So is she only reaching 4th?

Or am i just being paranoid??

What revs should i be seeing at 60 in 5th?

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Welcome to the Club,  Scott.


I have a diesel,  at 3000 rpm my speedo will read 100, so that will not help.


My previous car was an x type 2.5 litre petrol and 3000 rev would seem a bit high.


But there are a few owners of s types with the 5 speed box who will know.





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I have had a thought, Scott.  


Your gearbox will have the option for a manual shift.  It would be worth changing from auto to 4th gear and taking the revs up to 3000 rpm checking the speed.  Then change back to auto and keep the accelerator pedal the same, noting the rpm.  My theory is that the auto should go into 5th gear at 3000 revs and your speed will consequently increase.


It is a sunny day and a good excuse to avoid cutting the grass.





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Thanks guys. Yes peter thats an idea. I just noticed today that suddenly im getting under 3000 at 60. now touching 65 to 70 at 3000.

the car had been standing for a year and things have been needing 'freed off'.

Consumption is average 25 mpg with mixed motoring town and dual carriageways.

Have noticed that on hard acceleration the gearbox fault warning comes on and restricts changing up.

But stop, switch off and on and its fine.

Im guessing nothing serious and i suspect the fluid is goosed. I got it with only 32000 mile on it. The old mots only show approx 2 to 3 thousand miles a year which must have all been very short stop, start journeys. Which i know from experience is never good for the rluid.

I just dont have any expetience with jags and their "foibles"!

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