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hi hope you guys can help me. ive a jag xk 4.2l 57 plate. the problem is when driving down the moterway and its a clear road. and your right foot gets kind of heavy as it dose from time to time and you floor it.the car takes off big time but thers a smell its not a clutch smell. but a smell. i though it was electrical but my  mate thinks maybe something else but we both agree its not the clutch thank god. it only happens wen you floor it in sport any thoughts !!!!

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Hi Charles,

Just working from my own experience, have you had any engine work done? Could have oil dripping on to manifold especially when your gunning it.

Or have you had new brake pads fitted? They could be binding on, wheel will be hot to the touch.(carefully very hot.)

I think it's about what kind of smell it is,electrics would be a pretty strong smell.

Regards Dave.

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hi dave thanks for your reply. no ive not had any engine work done, and the brake pads are half worn. its not long had a service. but noticed the smell before then. i was driving the car on sunday i followed my mate to glasgow he was buying a set of alloys for his discovery. on the way home on the moterway he opend his up and took off. not to be out done and to show him jags are better i switched to sport and took off like a rocket. the smell was ther big time. when we got home to his place he said to me that when i took off in front of him he could smell it. his words were your car stank when it took off. hes an ex -mechanic. i said yep it dose that when you floor it in sport. do you think its the clutch. i myself thinking electrics. he said it could be catalic converter. im really at a loss to wat is causing this as the car is good even in sport when not flooring it. ive got about 5-6 weeks warrenty left on the car . they gave me a years warranty as it was an approved used jag from a jag dealer.

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thanks for your reply peter. i went to taggarts motherwell local landrover&jaguar dealer whom i bought the car from this afternoon. explained the problem to the girl on the desk. who know me as ive been in 3 times over the last 6mths with parking sensor probs all fixed now, fingers crossed. any way i asked her if it was at all ok if i could speak to a mecanic, she said she would go and get one. he came out and i explained to him the problem . the receptionist said he could come with me on a test drive right now. so we set of heading for the local moterway the m74. it was mobed with traffic drove to the next exit 4-5 miles came of and back on to the other side mutch the same i could only floor it for a few seconds then had to brake. i thought i could smell the smell slightly but gordon the mecanic couldnt. we got back to the garage he poped the bonnet and smellt under ther as well as the exhust &brakes no smell. he advised me to book the car in for a health check before the warrnty expires. he seemed a nice guy and was talking to him as i drove, asking him about the parking sensors it sems to be an issuie with them as ive see posts on this fourm, he explained to me yes they get a lot of complaints about them regardless of what model it is when its raining after the cars been washed when its frosty. as well as other wee gremlins like key fobs . i get that one now and again to. i asked gordon if it could come from the gear box maybe needing an oil change. he said the xk has a sealed unit that lasts for the life time of the car!!! so didnt think it was that. so im going to book her in for the health check in 3 weeks time and se if they find the problem. was told by my mate to log the problem with the dealer and as long as its loged even after the warantys expires they have an obligation . so he says. on the  issuie of the rimblades peter. i was on ebay last night and bought a product called trimes4rimes made by rimblades mutch the same product its a rool of adhesive that you stick to the rims of your wheels it cost me £19.99 cheaper than the rimblades at £29.99 from haldfords they come in all coulors . but dont know if they will be good or bad as ive not got them yet. hope you and others find this info anygood cheers charlie

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