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Barn (garage) find

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Hi everyone

I never thought I would be able to say I own a Jaguar but heyho here I am.


I discovered my S-Type on Autotrader and luckily it was for sale at a local garage. It is a 2002 in zircon blue and grey leather with only 30,000
miles on the clock. It is in great condition as the previous owner had it serviced annually at a Jaguar dealer regardless of mileage. He also stored it in his
garage between servicing and didn't use it much hence the low mileage.


Here you see it outside a hotel in Chipping Campden. I live near Styratford-upon-Avon and am happy to hear from other owners.





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Welcome to the Club, John.


That is a nice looking car which you will enjoy.


My S type lives just up the road in Sutton Coldfield, and sometimes goes to Stratford upon Avon.


Just look out for the owners club sticker on the front and rear.





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I have googled Jaguar Owners Club and come across three options, one of
which is this Jaguar Owners Club. The other two were Jaguar Enthusiasts Club
and Jaguar Drivers Club. Have you any advice on which is the most active or
most suited to S-Types or best for Warwickshire?




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Hi John,


I could be accused of bias, and, if so, I would plead guilty.


Having said that, I did exactly the same as you,  and found that belonging to the Owners Club was a pleasant experience.


Firstly, I have had a great deal of help and advice from many of the members, who will share their experiences with you to your advantage.


Secondly, the Owners Club is a  friendly club. There is no falling out, bad language or ridicule at lack of knowledge.


There are many S Type owners, from very early models right throughout the range to the later  models, and from the 2.5 litre through to the 4.2 litre.


You will make friends with like minded people from all round the country and, as the Jaguar is made in what used to be Warwickshire, there are a lot of owners who are proud that their car was made locally.





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I've tried most of the Jaguar forums. Been a mixed bag really but for the friendliest experience and the most useful, I keep coming to this one.

The only other one I keep in contact with is www.JaguarForums.com

This one is a great site but tends to have a lot of international users which are of interest to some but generally I find the topics to be irrelevant to me. However it is worth keeping tabs on.

Hope you enjoy your S. Not much competes with a Jaguar

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