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Hello fellow cat lovers




sentences in Italics is just me ranting
so go ahead and skip if your just scanning.




Reader beware this may be long and
exasperated, maybe even boredom may arise(lol) and hopefully lots of
help :)


I am the proud owner of a very beautiful, drive me to
drinkin and smokin,...


2004 late model (2004.25/50) xtype.
I have named her Christine Shes done everything but lock my
husband in the car. (shes jealous of my celica 230k+ miles and still
running strong) :))




I am and have been experiencing the
dreaded “Limp Home Mode” GRRRRRRRR. Oh my goodness
really, I live up a small incline that my 3 cylinder race cart has a
hard time getting up but the jag LHM flat refuses to do so... For the
most part I have found my self pretty savvy for the auto world but
the jag just makes me feel my true blonde roots... hahaha. Ok enough




Problem: Limp Home Mode “LHM”




analysis: Electrical?????




Climate: anytime, rain snow
sunshine, hot, mild, cool weather, dirty, dusty, sparkling clean,
name it its done it shes not prejudice towards any season. 1 st time
happened during 80 degree weather.




Location: Northern California Cattle
. (not the first place Id park a jag but it is what it


    ½ hour to hwy from house. 1 hr from
driveway to any town with decent shopping




Daily driver of 500 freeway miles
. But most of the freeway was cruise at 70 with a ten
minute window of stop and go traffic.




History: Bought Jan 2013 with 60k+
Had full workup done including fixing the Oil pan
leak. All fluids changed, even gears etc. My mechanic is a
Mercedes mechanic. Lemme say past the physical stuff hes not to keen
outside that realm.
Anyhow I'm anal retentive when it comes to
rigs so I made sure to check after he was done. (black slacks and
all) Hole burnt in my pocket later, she returns home, purring like a
kitten. “EXCITED”




MAY 2013: Husband drives it to
work and gets side swiped on front passenger side by a
Semi in a gas station parking lot. Still drivable. But ugly on
one side. Things could be worse. Right? Never had time to take her
to a body shop *see location* so shes still yucky on one side.)




June 2013: driving home from,
mid afternoon, driving down a hill to my house engine check light
comes on. (in the celica it was the catalytic converter so I
figured the same thing with this and after a while it would turn off.
Got home, shut her down,
and checked a
few hours
later. Still on. Next morning it was off.

2 weeks later
mid day, husband drives it to other house on ranch and experiences
With two dash warnings,
Transmission Failure and engine.
Flat paved non bumpy surface road. WT
heck is it doing?????
it home. Turned off and called jag to make a appointment. Appt 3 days
from that day. Day of appointment shes running fine. Canceled
appointment. Two weeks go by and same thing. This goes on for awhile
which then drove me to the Internet and brought me here.




we've done
bought OBDII –
pedal sensor code P0121.

Research said to check MAF and Throttle. cleaned
then a week later replaced Mass Air Flow sensor and Throttle Body
Seemed to help for a small time.


. Optimum
red top in excellent condition.


mode .

In park and idle. No dinger. Inertia was triggered, DTC-D900, PAC
255, PATS 5C


battery reset
ran like a top for a few months.





few exceptions
of random LHM used OBDII to scan would receive PO121 clear it and
then she was fine. Figured it had to do with jags update.




2013 – Started again except this time clearing it didn't help
like to also take the time to point out that the husband kept saying
he was going to take it to the shop and well...) Took things into my
own hands for as far as I could go.




a reset then a green cycle.


self diagnosis and same thing as above. Except I had a dinger this


  • Hmmmm
        reset inertia,



  • synced
        remote with car.



  • Checked
        oil, and all connections that I could see or that I knew what they



  • Pulled
        and cleaned those connections with electrical grade cleaner.


  • Reset
        it and took her for a spin. Did great for a few days.


went on intermittently throughout the month




2013: RATS!!!!
fighting these damn things for a while I think they got into the jag.




dug deeper into the jag world even read all of the tech guides and
the ins and outs but during this time my husband portrayed such a
lack of confidence in my ability to do anything (our washer, dryer
and computer went down at the same time. I was trying to fix all by
myself.) I didn't even try to go through with what I had learned for
fear of !Removed! it up even worse. Still continued to self diagnose
out of pure curiosity and possibly find the unicorn of how to fix it.





would randomly work during test.


PAC and IVD -00 ((abs TCS fault) stayed the same. F2 stayed 31 most
of the time and FP2 would be 8


driving odometer would continuously count up and then start over.




2013. Last read showed DTC D900, E511, E510 and a new one 9205.
Haven't touched her since




I can take pictures of the stuff I
wrote down for the testing mode and post them.




I need to pull the dash to find a wire that may be chewed through or


Help please


Thanks for your time y'all.






Sleepless in Semantics

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Good Morning, Jessica, from Sunny Birmingham [uK] where they make Jaguars.


That is some problem that you are having with your car.


From what you have written, and I have read it all, it seems to me that there is something  electrical going awry.


You seem to have done all the correct things so far.  I con only surmise that there is an issue with wiring that you have not been able to find.


I hope that other more technically expert than myself might be able to throw some light on the matter, and you car soon gets going.





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