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Hi All,

I have been an XJ owner for a couple of years. Bought a new 2013 model and had all kinds of trouble with it - a Friday car, if you like.

The garage swapped it for a 2014 model which, I am please to report, has been absolutely brilliant. I am now a big Jag fan, hence joining the forum.

Couple of things I would like to share and get feedback on from other members though:

1. My car kit works great from a functionality perspective, so all the features work fine. Only problem is that I find I get cut off repeatedly during calls - anyone else found the same?

2. Does anyone else notice the section of the footwell where your left knee sits on drivers side getting really hot after an hour of having sat nav running!? Or is that just me!?


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Welcome Andrew,

                                  You will find peeps a friendly bunch on here and willing to help you if they can.


I have a 2112 XJ Supersports which used to belong to one of the directors of Jag.


I'm surprised to hear of your problems, none of which I have encountered , I would go as far as to say the Jaaaag is the best car I have ever owned , far better than my previous cars which have included Astons and BMW's .


I think your problems are only minor, which you will get sorted no doubt, and will continue to enjoy the Jaaag .


Which part of Hampshire are you from? I used to live in Alton






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