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advice on buying an x type sport

big wull

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Hi Cameron

I have a 2008 XType sport, 2.2 lt deisel just done 100000 miles, can't fault it, still running great averting 38, 39 mpg,

As long as it's got a good service history, and all the electrics work you should be ok, only niggle I have with mine, I have 18'' alloys with low profile tyres , if your looking at one similar check for cracks, or flat spots on inside of alloy wheel caused by potholes, some wheels look great on the outside but try to get behind them

Other than that I can't complain I'm on to my second Xtype good luck and enjoy the looking



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Welcome aboard.

I've the X-Type Sport 2.2D and have had it remapped by Celtic Tuning. Now pushing near 200bhp and 420Nm of torque! It's a fantastic car.

Usual stuff with these. Most of the running gear is Mondeo based, so it's tried and tested and pretty much as reliable as the sun. Nothing special to look out for either. Just the usual, run of the mill stuff, as if you were buying a Mondeo! That said, only 20% of it is Mondeo 'based', and about 10% of that was modified so it definitely isn't a Mondeo. My mate has the same year Mondeo 2.2D ST and it is totally different.

Main thing to look for its the dual mass flywheel. They usually last around 80-120k but cost about 400 quid to replace with the clutch, so if it has rattles, leave it. If it's been done already, your laughing. If you don't know but it's quiet and the clutch bites as it should (the 2.2 does bite a little hard) then you take your chances just like any other 2nd hand motor.

The rest is like any other car. I've replaced front discs and pads, all 4 anti roll bar mounting bushes, anti roll bar drop links, oil-air-fuel filters and Mobil 3000 Oil. All genuine parts except the Febi-Bilstein drop links and a total parts bill of around 200 quid. I do all my own work so no labour fees.

The bushes etc weren't knackered at all, but I wanted it to feel new, and now it does! The anti roll bushes and drop links made a substantial difference. The discs were shot.

Provided you buy one that's been looked after, they are extremely reliable cars.

My recommendation, if you're after the Sport model, is get the 2.2. The 2.0 is a bit sedate and the 2.2 has the 6 speed box. If you want a bit more, get Celtic Tuning to pay you a visit. They come to you and only take an hour. Best 295 quid I've spent!

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Hi Cameron


Well have you bought an x type sport yet we haven,t heard, I drive a 09 2-2 Auto Sovereign with Touring Suspenion , have never tried the sport model as prefer a softer cushioned journey.





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