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  1. hi epb actuator/motot don't need coding but the module does if its brand new, used one will usually work if it off a similar car, like both auto or both manual, if its off a manual and fitted to a auto, or the other way round the module wont work, because its looking in the wrong place for signals just remember to either disconnect battery or epb module completely, so you get the park brake calibration message on the dash, otherwise, the hand brake wont work properly and could end up with faults or excessive pad wear cheers Joe
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  2. Thanks for the welcome. I am delighted to find there is an owners club. About time as I am on my fifth jag at the moment and never thought to look before.
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  3. Finally picked up the X type . What a lovely car to be in. The 3.0 engine with the manual gearbox and the sovereign interior is just what I hoped it would be. Great performance and a really enjoyable drive. I am so happy with it !!!!
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