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  2. 03 headlight

    I'm a Jag owner..I just swap out my 2000 jaguar s type headlight..for a 03.. everything works beside actual lights I'd like to know has anyone done this an what I'm missing... Do I need to swap wiring harness as well.. please let me know.. Thanks
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi everyone So, after regretting selling my XF S 3.0D last year, I'm now looking to buy an XKR! Been to see a beeuuty of an XKR this evening in British Racing Green, 2002 model, 51 plate. Number plate sticker on the bonnet, gives it a lovely classic look. Fair bit of history and reciepts, but can't see if tensioners were ever replaced. Thinking about getting RAC/ClickMechanic to check it out; I guess they could include a check of the tensioners, right? Just need to take the cam cover off I believe and see whether they are metal or not, so I'm led to believe. Just wondered if that car had belonged to anyone on here - PY51GVO? Originally registered in London but looks like early ownership was in Carlise, and later Hampshire for a few years. Car is currently in Mansfield. Cheers Ross
  5. What's it like?

    When I was asked how I was adjusting to the Jag after I'd had it a few weeks I said something along the lines of; "Well I'm already looking down my nose at everyone else and my parking 's gone to hell, so pretty well really". Actually I did feel very uncomfortable in my S-type at first. Stepping in to it from a boyed up old Golf which had followed a motley line up other of old, odd stuff was a shock. I don't really think about it now, it's just my car, a nice car but after nearly two years I'm used to it.
  6. stevepatterson

    Hi Peter and Carole thanks for the welcome and your prompt responses. The problem was not the brake fluid level but it was the brake servo. No warranty Carole so I had to do the job myself , took me a few days fiddling with nuts under the dash board , anyway its fixed now .Thanks again for the info. KInd regards Steve
  7. Hello, Am looking for some advice on stereo replacement. I have a 2004 X-Type (2.0 diesel) with the tape in dash and 6cd changer. I’m looking to upgrade the stereo and wondered if anyone had advice regarding replacements and if it would be possible to utilise the current steering controls and cd changer with any upgrades. Am looking for something with Bluetooth and possibly a touch screen, DAB etc. Too many wires coming out of it at present (as only route was a tape with aux cable and am not too keen on the parrot type devices, would rather replace the stereo for little more cost) I asked some time ago in another forum however can’t find the thread and had given the wrong photo. Have attached a photo of the stereo. Many thanks in in advance for your time and help. Ed
  8. Headlight bulb replacement Face Liftted

    I’m glad you got sorted in the end, your experience has put me off having ago at changing mine myself. Did the £100 charge include the bulb or was this just a labour charge for changing a single bulb?
  9. Reliable web hosting

    Thanks Steve.
  10. Jaguar Newbie

    Welcome to the club, Max. You are following the same system as myself for buying a car. First decide upon the model you want, and then write down the specification most desirous. Having done that, start looking. I finished up emailing Jaguar dealers to see if they had what I wanted, and eventually found one that had never been advertised and was tucked away in the rear of their showrooms. The price was right , the mileage and service record was good, Good luck in your search. Regards, Peter.
  11. Heated seat

    Hi David, I don't have heated seats on my Jag, but I do on my Discovery and other cars. On the Disco, the internal seat element is prone to going, so after you've eliminated the obvious, like fuses, switches and connections, this could be a likely candidate for the issue
  12. S-Type battery woes - a possible solution

    Good to know thanks. I replaced my battery last week. The only reset I performed was the electronic handbrake calibration. Didn't know about the kick down reset or windows. I'll have a look at this today. Other issue I had was removing the retaining bolt of course. copious amount of wd40 under the car and an 1/8th of a turn at a time. 1/8 turn and 2 turns back repeated about 100 times!! Finally came loose. Then after reinstalling I applied lots of lithium grease underneath.
  13. Hi all, I've finally got my Jag. Nagged my wife for 2 years to get one. All I got was 'No way, its an old balding man's smelly old car!' all the time. I'm 42 so old enough. Insurance fairly cheap. Spent 4 months searching for an s type I wanted - well always some things to compromise on. 2004 Sport 3.0l. High mlieage , 138,500 miles, but had an excellent service history. 14 stamps, oil change always done by the year or mileage. never missed. Last 38,000 miles had all been done on long journeys. got to know the previous owner and did aircraft fitting jobs away from home so travelled up motorways mostly to get to his base. Car had spent most of its live down south. He had the rear bushes done and new shocks recently. bad points: wheels need a refurb, had 1 wheel straightened. Gearbox does need a service but has no issues. couple of touch up jobs to be done, 1 on the front offside wheel arch(previous scrape). Inside of drivers door needs a sand down and treatment/spray. Planning to remove sill covers to inspect and treat/wax . heated seats and heated windscreen all work fine. Inside black leather and aluminum trim. (my favourite). Changed battery last week. Was original! Next job is to service the autobox and oil change. Then spark plug change plannning to do this myself replacing the inlet manifold upper gaskets too. Thanks Chris
  14. FOR SALE T reg 1999 Jaguar s type 3.0 manual trans Spares or repair ( too good to break) Upgraded interior beige and black leather interior with se alloys Finished in mistral blue. Currently sorn as failed mot on rear subframe corrosion Subframe partially stripped but all parts in boot. Replacement subframe waiting to be fitted but now also needs welding to drivers side sill. Have sourced parts on ebay and internet Outer sills are available as a pair on ebay for £149.00 and inner sill strengthener panel is available from jaguar themselves or from barret jaguar on the net £168.00 But due to a motor accident not had time to complete. Now in need of the space as adopted an xf. Car runs and will be able to drive onto a trailer once sold will need rear shocks and discs refitting. Many other spares also available which if required can be included in the deal if car secures price required Viewing by arrangement and recomended message for location and contact number to arrange 07870643683
  15. exhaust fumes in cabin s type diesel

    Yes John 2 of them,,i was lucky ,just 1 had failed,,but solved the problem. Best of luck
  16. Last week
  17. Coded radio in S type

    hi try this below cheers Joe
  18. Interior Console Facia

    Firstly, thanks to all those who contributed to 'Changing a headlight bulb' which I tried today and gave up. However, I will now have another go thanks to the illustrations provided. The other problem I have now is that the rotating air grill to the left of the the centre LCD screen has stopped working automatically. I bought a second hand one and it doesn't look too difficult to replace so I am keen to have a go but I don't want to damage the facia trying to remove it. Can anybody give advice on how to do this please?
  19. XF buying guide

    Hi David, I've only had the XF-S diesel Portfolio but I have to say it's delightful, easily as fast as my previous 4.2 V8 S-type, fantastic handling for a big car , quiet, comfortable with a lovely interior. Downside, probably not as economical as you'd expect for a diesel, I average about 37 mpg on a 40 mile round trip to work and a fairly easy drive. Hope that helps, Mike
  20. Back suspension

    Also radiator fan stays on permanently
  21. New XF Owner

    Thanks Peter, I'll keep in mind about the battery as have no idea how old it is. I'll have a look through the paperwork. Gary.
  22. Wheel alignment

    Thats ok then. Mine was about £60 for all four wheels.
  23. ABS DSC module plug s type 3.0 v6 2002

    joe do you think it might be faulty wiring? i already stripped the front of the car down so will probably tear down the cables and check for any brakage
  24. trun

    Good evening. I have a 2003 xtype. I can't seem to get the trunk to open. Any suggestions as to where to start trouble-shoot? Thank you. Mic
  25. New member AND NEW JAG OWNER

    hi when you type in the message lower down there a choose files , click on that a find the files you want cheers Joe
  26. Hi I have a Jaguar x-type 2.5 v6 auto awd and just after fitting a new battery the alarm started going off for no reason it went off as I started the engine and now it sits in the drive nice and quite until I set the alarm it it will go off sometimes it will when you push the key fob then start again I tried the key in the lock and it didn't turn off started the engine and it still went off so to stop it I disconnected the battery and it turn off. So does anybody know what the problem is and how I can stop it as I'm just about to sell it and that will be hard with the alarm going off on the test drive. thanks for any help
  27. Hello all. I recently bought a 2001 3.0 Xtype auto which I love. Coming home last weekend a heard a noise like the sound of a warn bearing coming from underneath and shortly afterwards the car lost all drive. The oil and filter was changed when I bought the car 4 months ago. Anyone any idea what the problem might be and how best to tackle it?
  28. Help needed! Owned my XF for nearly a year now and have a problem with my Sat Nav (DVD Type). I bought an updated maps DVD 2017 for my car off the internet. Put disc in and it carried out a software update. Took about 40 minutes did this with engine running. Since I did the update I cannot clear the previous owners memory points. I can clear the old stored memory points, add new memory points but as soon as I turn the ignition off and return to the car the following day the previous owners 2 stored memory points are back in there and my home address is not there along with any other memory that I have added. I had this back at my Jaguar dealer who checked it for me. They reported an issue with the GPS Antenna pod which I replaced. They also carried out a hardware reset. Still the problem remains. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Im thinking it may need a software reset. Id like to get this resolved as it really annoys me.
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