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Owning a rather used Jaguar......good & bad????


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So after purchasing a rather smart looking.....but well used XJ8 3.2 "my first Jaguar" hopefully now I might be able to enjoy it!!! At 140000 miles I thought the guy I bought it off was genuine enough and handed over under a thousand for a majestic piece of English engineering.

For sure it drives beautifully and looks amazing so much so!! That no matter what....I want to keep it, even if the odds are against me, it's not a classic but people look and comment what a lovely car it is, so hopefully the wife doesn't read this and find out what a wally I've been with my money......I will be in for it!!!

So the point of this post is, hopefully someone will make me feel better with encouraging comments?

Buy a cheap sort of tidy example.

Diff needed replacing a week later "GULP" oh no!!!

Cam chain slipped a couple of weeks later!!! Can you believe it, but luckily for the Jag engine was fine and chain-tensioners-guides have now been done.

Serviced oil-filters-plugs

Wire brushed all underside and waxoiled

Front lower shock bushes replaced and front wheel bearings

I've gone this far........shall I carry on???

We'll I did!!!

Front & rear bumpers re-painted

Bonnet and top of wings re-painted

Oh....and corroded rear bumper fixing brackets replaced "rubbish design"

So as you can see I've spent so much more on the !Removed! thing than its worth......but I enjoy driving it so much!!!! I know I should have waited for a for a better lower mileage example and payed better money for it, but........and this is my point......all this could still of happened. Couldn't it????

Be kind :)

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Hi Liam,


Cars can be beautiful things but they are practically human in many respects.  I had a lot of brand new cars provided by my employer for 30 years.  One came delivered to me with 5 dents in the bodywork and electrics that didn't work. Two came with severe leaks in the front footwells that were only cured by drilling holes to let the water out, and another that used to cut out when it rained.  The latter just because someone has forgotten to put a grommet in a hole in the wheel arch.  One brand new car had rust coming through on the driver's door.


When I retired new cars were a thing of the past and over 15 years I have had three second hand cars. A Rover Sterling that i kept for almost 12 years and 122k on the clock that never let me down, but just got a but tatty, and two Jaguars both bought with circa 50k on the clock, which are brilliant.


You have done so much on the car to restore it to its former glory. It is only 15 years old and like any teenager could be a bit troublesome, but with good parents can be turned round into a model citizen.


I am looking forward to seeing some photos.





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Thank you Peter, spoken like a true gent :)

I have put a couple of pictures on here not the best quality, it's nearly where I want it condition wise. Would like to get the drivers seat refurbished as a little worn on the bolster and a couple of trolley dents in a couple of doors "hardly noticeable but I know they are there" and a gearbox service for peace of mind.

Your totally right it is only 15 years old and I enjoy driving it so much......it's not a classic car but so many people come over and comment what a lovely car, it sort of makes all the trouble worth it. And as you say you can have just as much trouble with a new car!!!

Kind regards



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Hi Liam,


You're right you've been a fool................... welcome to the club!!


There's no logic to owning  a V8 Jaguar that delights in making you a pauper at the slightest provocation (believe me I know).


However the next time you have doubts, take it for a drive and they all will just drift gently away.


Then you'll be absolutely sure you made the right choice.


Or to but it bluntly stuff logic you own a Jag!





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