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Hi all, I'm currently considering a new XFR.  I had a test drive on Monday of an XFR-S (that was all that was available) and was very impressed.

I'm running a BMW Alpina at the moment (based on the 3 series saloon) and could do with something a bit bigger now that I have 2 kids.


My only concern is fuel consumption, I averaged around 14mpg on my test drive (which I felt was reasonably steady, although obviously I had to floor it on a few occasions)


Most of it's journeys are going to be short trips, 5-10 miles mostly into town and taking the kids to school etc, but I'm looking for something that's going to be a bit of fun at the weekend as well or family trips up to Scotland.


What sort of real world mpg should I expect from an XFR?

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The XFR is fab, borrowed a XFR-S myself when the garage mangled my Aston, nearly bought it but the stealership got too greedy and the extra you pay over the XFR isn't really worth it.


I now have an XKR which I like a great deal, on short trips the XFR will probably do about 18 mpg and on a decent motorway run with the cruise control you should get 30MPG .


I would say an average of about 23MPG wouldn't be to far off the mark.





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Welcome to the Club, Stephen.


5 litres of engine can be a bit thirsty, but Jaguar say that 16 mpg would be normal for urban consumption, and over 30mpg for long steady journeys, averaging 24 mpg combined mileage.


Considering that you will be doing some longer runs I would expect you should get about 20 mpg overall.





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