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Aftermarket stereo

Idol hands

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I'm tired of the missus constant ridicule over the factory fitted stereo complete with antique cassette player???

I'm planning a change. Firstly I'm presuming the new one would have to be a double din unit. I've heard various horror stories now of replacement units being deeper and not fitting or serious alterations having to be made? Primarily concerning heater parts at the rear?

It's to go in a 51 x toe 3.0l.

Before I blast money at something I need a little advice!

Thanks in advance


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Hi Andy,


It is well worth getting it right before you start the process of buying a new unit.


It could be well worth having a look round some of the parts suppliers to see if you can get a compatible Jaguar unit.


Try JagBits, Europarts, and the David Manners group.


Failing those, look at eBay or gumtree.





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