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Madness or worth it?


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Well after my Jag had been standing for 18 months or so (as I live in Greenwich) went to get it MOT'd and after all the things wrong with it the bill came to £2000ish. After looking at other cars to buy I couldn't find a Jag similar to mine in Green and with Red leather and in the same condition. So after much deliberation I have stumped up the money to keep my faithful Jag going as I couldn't part with it. 

Do you think it's worth it or am I slightly mad?

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HI Jonathon,


I bought my 2005 S type earlier in the year and instantly fell in love with it. Unfortunately as I got it from a smaller garage I only had 3 months warranty.


The auto box failed at 5 months and I had to have it rebuilt to the tune of £3600, some would say good money after bad but the old girl still makes me smile every time I take her out. Me and the missus would have preferred not to have paid so much but well worth it in our opinion.


By the way thanks to Elite and Performance Jags in Derby who carried out the work, highly recommended.





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Take no notice of Peter, he's only teasing, if the north was so great you wouldn't find so many of them down south .









P.S., We're not serious , it's just a bit of banter we have between us

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