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I have recently bought an X-Type 2.2D Sport but I do not know a lot about cars so I am sure I will be asking you for help with what you feel are very simple tasks.


It looks and runs well but has done a lot of miles (146,000) so if anybody could give me an idea of what problems to expect/look out for that would be great.


I have attached a couple of photos.







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Welcome to the club, Dean.


The x type is a good car, and good for a lot of miles.  The first question is have you got the service history.  That should tell you if the car has been serviced regularly.


If you have never had a diesel before there are several things you have to ensure you do.  First, never use supermarket fuel. You get a better mpg and a cleaner engine from forecourt fuel, and a diesel is more  susceptible to what fuel you put in.


You must also ensure that the DPF gets regenerated properly by making sure you give it a long run at least once a month --  over 50 mph for about half an hour.  


I had the Terraclean service done on my 2.7D about 2 months ago and it has made a difference --  well worth the £114 cost, and the diesel engine seems to like it.


The thing you have to do now is to enjoy the Jaguar experience.





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not sure that a 2006 will have the DPF to be honest...


yes i agree the terraclean is a worthwhile investment


has it had a new clutch??? its gonna need one.... unless its an auto of course lol

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Yes it had a new clutch and flywheel just before I picked it up. Unfortunately there is no service history but I got it for a very good price so a comprehensive service is already booked in.


I will also look into the TerraClean service.



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