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ABS light on so I fitted new sensor only to find the sensor ring was not there at all --next step was to get a new ring

i was told there was only one size that fitted all wheels on my Jaguar x type 2002 ----so I ordered and after it came in the post  I striped the front drivers side down --Not a easy opp as things where very tight after 12 years --I then found that it was the wrong ring the one I had was for a 4 wheel drive .??????

I then tried another supplier and was told the one I had   should be the correct one .????

Next step ring Jaguar Parts they said my Jaguar shouldn't have ABS on the front axle only on the rear ?????  after telling them it was just front wheel drive I was told after they done a lot of checking that it has ABS on the front but I couldn't buy just the ring I have to buy the complete --Drive shaft at £456 +vat -- and that should have a ring on it .????

I have since made inquiries and found a part department that can do a recon at £164 + vat but will have to wait for them to get it in ----So I have now put the car back together so I can use it ---One thing though it should come to bit easier next time .????


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 Back to my ABS light .......The exchange drive-shaft arrived only to find it had no ABS ring on it .???????

There's nothing wrong with my drive-shaft so they took the new one back -thank goodness-.???

I thought the next best step would be to go to the Jaguar dealers and talk to the parts dept so when I ask

for a new ring the very nice man said my X type model doesn't have a ring  because the sensor works off

the front bearing ..."WOW"  .   Some people said it didnt have ABS on the front they was meaning no ABS

ring on the front.??

I thanked him very much and I will have to check the wiring or have it checked a gain to see if I am working

on the correct wheel .....Well you never know........??????

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Checked the wiring and it seemed OK ,?? But I decided to get a new cable --from the sensor to the 1st connector

under the wing £6,50 from eBay ---Fitted it and "BINGO" no lights on the dash -Perfect .

The reason I have told all this is because what looked to be a expensive fault was nothing really .


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Thank's Charlie --I put the post up just in case someeone else had the same problem .???

Because I thought there was a ring on the fronts .??

Stil its sorted now for only a few £'s.

Passing on an experience is very useful, Frank, and will assist others with the same problem.



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