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Battery flat this morning can anyone tell me the best battery to fit on a --2ltr --2002 --Petrol --X Type

I havent used the car for 4 days and in this cold weather the battery,s gone flat on me so I think I will

be sure and fit new from Halfords .???



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Hi Frank,


Jaguar usually fit Varta batteries, but there are several other good makes which will fit.  Some also have a guarantee.


Halfords are usually quite safe, and will probably also give a guarantee  ---  look for four years.






PS --  Have your discount card ready!

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Thank you for that Peter I have looked on Halfords site and they recomend a- 12v Yuasa -Silver Cor Battery -

with a 5yr guarantee at==£104.99 .

So I think thats what I will go for because I have found in the past that cheap  doesnt pay not with battery's.


I will get the RAC to come and start the car then go to Halfords about 5 miles away and I see that they will fit and

check the old one for £9.99 so why get dirty .????  Sounds good .


Yes I will have my discount card with me.



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