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Fault code


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I have just bought an x type 2.0 se d manual and i have a bit of a problem with it.


I have fault code P0251 Injection pump fuel metering control 'A' (cam/rotor/injector).  Now i would interprit this as a problem withe camshaft sensor. The car starts but runs rough but clears if driven gently but if you floor it the car sounds like a petrol engine with a weak mixture or ignition too far advanced  ie 'pinking' then the engine cuts to limp mode but if you pull over and restart the engine everything is fine again,


Only have the one fault code P0251 which i have cleared.


Could this be the camshaft sensor or is it injector failure looming or worse still fuel pump failure,


HELP !!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi Jimmy, and welcome to the club.


I am no expert, but I do know that injectors are expensive things, and I would put the issue down to fuel supply not getting through to the engine evenly.


I also know that the diesel engine creates some soot which does affect performance if not cleared.


Maybe some x type owners will also be able to help too.





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