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2 stroke oil


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Hi everyone, im new on here but have a question that is not just confined to jaguars,

A friend of mine has been told that adding 2 stroke Oil to the fuel will help it run better, I have never heard of this before so if anyone can help clear this up before he goes ahead and does it I would be grateful, he has an audi diesel

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the quick response guys I've passed it on to him but I think he's still going to try it, personally I've never heard of it and won't be try it as my car runs fine, thanks again


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Hi David,


I have known several  X type diesel owners who mix 2 stroke Oil with another additive --  Millers, I think - whenever they fill up.


They also used supermarket fuel, which most diesel users find cheaper but less efficient.


A lot of thought has gone into what the Oil companies put into their fuels, and I think that the amateur fuel fixer has a long way to go before getting to the stage when their mix of oils and additives is as good as Shell Vitro which I use [the nearest to me at 500 yards], BP and Esso equivalents do exist.


I always advise the best stuff, as the engines are performance engines and need performance fuels.





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