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EEK! Trauma!!


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Hi all.

Had a slight rub against something, still don't know what, that has just touched the top layer of laqc...lack...lacqe... the clear shiny stuff sprayed over the paint...and I'm looking for someone in the Perth/Dundee area that comes highly recommended and doesn't wear a stripy jumper and carry a bag marked SWAG to carry out a wee touch up.  It's not a major job and no one has noticed it yet, but I know its there and that's enough for me to get it done.

Does anyone have any reliable person that they go to for such jobs?


PS.  I know how to spell lacquer!!



Thanks guys



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Hi Frankie,


I know several good car detailers in the Midlands, but unfortunately not in Scotland.


I would try googling car detailers and I think you could find someone local.  I have heard that "Chips Away" do quite a decent job, so it might be worth contacting them.


Good Luck,



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