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How much?


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My car has a standard rectangular rear number plate and to be honest, it looks dreadful (my view - all such things being subjective).


Halfrauds want nearly £50 for a pukka one.


I can see several places on line to buy them at reasonable prices but not at all sure of their legality.


Can anybody give me a link to known legal number plates which include the S-Type shaped rear one please?

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I wasn't intending to upset anybody Peter :) As I said, such things are very subjective. There's nothing wrong with the rectangular plate, it's just that I personally would prefer the shaped one :)

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Hello everyone,


A couple of years ago I bought a 'shaped' plate from the web, it's perfect. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the supplier but I believe all plates have to meet British Standards.


Very best,



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