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Deformed tyres


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Hi, I'm new here and have a problem. 


Car is a 2003 model 3 litre automatic, 220000kms.


Just swapped over my winter tires for summer ones, and the mechanic has told me the types are deformed, with the worst being at the back. They're Dunlop Sports Maxx, and were put on the car 12 months ago to replace some Pirellis which were also deformed.


The car does about 10000kms per year,  so the Dunlops would have done roughly 6000 kms. This seems a minuscule amount to have a problem like this, and I'd like to find a solution.


The mechanic suggested shock absorbers, given the kilometrage of the car, 220000, plus tyre change. I've never heard of this, so I rang a Jaguar dealer - closest is 200kms away - who agreed that could be the problem but also said the tyres weren't a good match for the car, as they do 'step' (best translation i can think of). 



Winter tyres, Contis, seem fine, and they've seen 2 winters.


Any thoughts? I don't want go on spending 1000€ per year on tyres, seems ridiculous.


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Hi Brian, and welcome to the club. 


I find it somewhat curious that the Winter tyres are not suffering the same fate as the summer tyres.


Ther was a survey done in the UK some time ago in which Goodyear came top with Vredestein a close second, so when th Pirellis on the front were getting to around 2mm I changed to Goodyear and found them much better than Pirellis, and I will fit Goodyears on the back when they get to a lower tread.


I do agree with Jaguar when they say that Dunlop are not a good match for the car.


I would guess that you will want to find out why the tyres get deformed, though, and there could be someone with more expertise than myself who might be able to shed some light on the matter.





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Hello Brian and welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club. I cannot for the life of me see any logical explanation as to why you are not experiencing the same tyre wear with summer/winter tyres. My first thought on reading your post was most definitely worn rear suspension causing the problem however, if this was the case then you would experience the same on winter tyres therefore, it can only in my eyes leave one explanation which would be the choice of tyres. If Jaguar are suggesting that the Dunlop fitted are incorrect then I would take their advice. I would expect at the minimum 20,000 miles of wear from a tyre. My SL55 AMG returned 30,000 on its first set of tyres Michelins

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Thanks for all your quick replies!


I should mention that the winter tyres have done a lot less kms than the Dunlops, mostly on the motorway, plus the tread pattern is totally different, so maybe any problems were less easy to see. They're a lot quieter than both the Dunlops and the Pirellis.

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