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Best polish/wax


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Had a day with my x type and tried a couple of polishes. Surprised by t cut colour match. Left streaks and looked dull. Used simonizpolish/ wax. Fab. Need to clean interior as last owner was obviously not a car lover. post-6920-0-60792000-1429396202_thumb.jp

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hi scott I personally like autoglym but every one to their own. I get mine valet once a week. guy uses them mostly but have caught him using poorboys products and 3m tee cut green bottle, I asked him t(tony) what they were . he said the likes off t-cut wer the basic product only good for shining the car . but for taking out light scratches and swirls  he uses the 3m  abrasives  to achive the ultimate finish and uses a machine to do this guys fantastic and a real pro. he has a client list as long as your arm .  my father also uses him for his cars . ps try this site jaguarforums.com  big and beautiful  joe

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Hi Scott, and Welcome to the Club.


I have had two Jaguars, and both of them have had the paint protection treatment, which, though expensive, is very good and you don't need to polish the car --  just  the three bucket treatment.  On bucket of luke warm water, one bucket of good shampoo   ---  I use autoglym ---  and then a good rinse  with the third bucket.


I always use microfibre cloths too.





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Autoglym HD is expensive outlay but will last ages and gives good results but then I went out and bought a machine polisher the me meguiars G220 V2 I think it was again quite an outlay but the results are amazing wish I had bought one years ago



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