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Windscreen Wipers

Mount John

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Don't know for sure, but I think it's a bit of a design flaw. I have the same problem and have to remove the arms to change the blades and be careful as the washers are attached to the wiper clips. 

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I changed mine about 9 months ago, but got replacement arms as it appeared that there was no easy way to disconnect the blades.


The Jaguar main dealer nearest to me had a special offer  --  £45 -- my local auto accessory shop got them for £30 and fitted them for me at no cost!





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Hi All

Changed my wipers for Bosch Aero Blades with the screen wash nozzle in the blades, ordered via Halfords at £38 I think.

I have an S Type and read posts about damaging the paintwork so place a towel between wipers and bonnet to protect the paint.

Careful operation and removal is possible and the new ones fitted in reverse and did not need to get to 90 degrees due to the design of the wipers and their fixing, it is more like 35degrees.

I had to remove the arms last weekend to change the cabin filter which some of you know already. Very stubborn but use of WD40 a couple of taps with a hammer and they came free. Not easy though. be patient.

I also tried without luck to get them to stop vertically up the screen by turning off the ignition but it is a Lucy car and happily parks them every time. You would curse if they didn't wouldn't you

Good luck

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Thanks to every one who responded.  It was a nice warm day on Thursday, so I tried again, with a bit more force, and the blades just slid out of the hook.  With a bit of twisting I managed to get them off without damaging the car.  The Bosch Aero twins fitted beautifully and simply.

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