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x type clutch price's

the guardian

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well & turly hacked off the clutch has started to slip so early today started hunting around for prices it started nicely at around 600 fitted then got one hell of a shock when i rang mr clutch who gave me a load of bulls*** you know what that means then came back with a fantastic price of wait for it £1097,79p after picking myself up off the floor i said how much the adviser calmly told me the price again .


anyways i thought you guys would like a funny story to cheer you up, 

after a bit more phoning around getting it all sorted for ----------------- £ 469 fitted & getting done this Monday coming



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I find it surprising that there is so much variance in prices.  The people who charge the most must be aware that they charge  the highest  prices.


There are good honest workmen who charge a fair price, and they are worth noting for future reference.



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It seems that with everything today people want to rip you off because with the highest price it dosn't

mean you get a better job --its nearly always the cheaper fairer one thats better now  .



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