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Curious headlight problem SOLVED


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Both of my dipped beam headlights have stopped working at the same time.


I suspect that the odds of both bulbs popping at the same time are millions to one, but as Terry Pratchett suggests, "Millions to one chances crop up nine times out of ten." ;)


Anyway, I'll have to buy a couple of bulbs just in case but looking at more likely scenarios, I guessed that there may be a common fuse for the dipped beam (standard, not HID) but, not only can I find no common fuse, I can't find ANY fuses for standard halogen dipped beam headlights in the fuse list in my handbook.


Please, can anybody assist? Do the dipped beam lights have fuse(s)? or where would I find a common link between both lights, other than the lighting stalk switch?


Thanks, as always :)

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bulbs checked and both serviceable, so Pratchett's law doesn't prevail in this case.


Anybody have any ideas please? I'm surprised that there doesn't seem to be dedicated fuse(s) for the dipped beam lights.

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The H7 bulbs are apparently notorious, especially the el cheapo ones, for having their contacts moving slightly once they've suffered heat stress, getting hot and then cold Andy.


As a result, they don't work when connected to the car but when the contacts are freed from stress ie. disconnected and removed from the car, they con-check perfectly with a test meter.


So i thought my bulbs were OK but, in fact, they weren't.


A couple of decent quality Hella bulbs fitted and the car has headlights again :)

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