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Hi and thanks for having me.

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Hello all, i'm Phil, i live in the midlands near Coventry and  i am employed as a test driver at Jaguar landrover. married for 26 years now, we have a son who has given us  a grandson :) which makes me feel old now.


Thanks for having me and  i look forward to chatting to you guys.


P.S i have already asked a question in the S type forum about getting hold of some washer jets and would really appreciate any help there.

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Hi Phil, Welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club, really envious of you being a test driver for Jaguar I would love to take my XKR out on a track. I am going out for 3 laps in a reasonably priced car next month on the Top Gear Track against the clock against my Son, Son in Law and Brother so will have to make do with that.

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hi Phil 

         welcome welcome to the family lots to look at on the forums / threads etc post some photo up if you have not  already done so, their is also a few meets happening one in Brighton on the 24th May 15 about 60 cars    and in Scotland on June 7th about the same amount , Im going up for a long w/end to make the most of it

anyways welcome again

regards Ron  

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Thanks for the welcome guys. Ron,going to meets does sound good to me but the two coming up just happen to be either end of the country and i'm slap bang in the middle which makes it difficult for me as  i'm very busy at the moment with work ( which can include weekends). I'm sure i'll get chance to get to some closer to home at some point, would be nice to meet some of you guys.


Ken, there are tracks up and down the country that you can pay to drive on at weekends and  i believe even M.I.R.A where i currently work will hire various tracks out to private individuals. Also JLR have bought the Fen End track from pro drive which is near Coventry, i'm not sure but that might even be an option to get your car on a track.


Anyway, good to hear from you guys, you are proving this is a good friendly place to be.


Keep the faith and keep watching the press for the new stuff coming out in the near future. I have seen it and am testing some of it now and  i can tell you the future for JLR is looking very nice.

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I have done a few track days but not yet in the XKR Phillip since owning it I had a bout of serious illness which put me in intensive care of best part of 3 months, I took my former car SL55 AMG on a few tracks with my Son in his Lotus Exige, he killed me on the corners but I wiped him on the straights. I also done a few tracks in my old RS days and still yearn too be on them. Top Gear Track is all booked up and my Son, Son in Law and myself cannot wait to see who gets the best lap time in that Kia Cee'd (reasonably priced car) I want at least a 1.46

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