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Diesel exhaust flexi mod


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As you probably know if you have a diesel S Type, the flexi / downpipe from the exhausts is something of an Achilles heel. Replacement exhaust sections including cat costing eye watering amounts.and even the Jaguar espoused kit still costs quite a bit by the time it has been fitted. Stratstone quoted me £700.


A further solution involves removing the flexi and replacing with a rigid pipe. Personally, being an engineer, if an item is designed with a flexible coupling there is probably a good reason why, so that idea is a non starter in my eyes.


There is another solution which seems to work perfectly and costs in the region of £60 per side. I have used, for many years, a relatively local Powerflow exhaust franchise and the chap there is always able to apply a little thought and come up with elegant solutions. He has now been able to use one of the Powerflow flexi modules with a fabricated flange and the original flange to make a replacement flexi section which should be a lot more robust than the original exhaust. £60 per side :)


Maybe if your local Powerflow exhaust franchise is any good and enjoys a challenge, it might be the way to go forward :)


Just a thought if anybody is interested.

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Top tip for today

Agreed, Andy.


Engineers know what they are talking about, while accountants look for the cheapest option.  When the two agree, it is usually the correct option.



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Hi, does this include fitting? I had a look at my flexi's today as I have the exhaust smell coming into the cabin. The passenger side flexi is definatly gone , it's very sooty and the mesh can be moved. If you could send details of the outlet I fancy a drive.


While looking I tried to suss out what it would take to fit the rigid repair, it's a bit tight up by the turbo!!





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