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Changing sparks plugs on 3.0 V6


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That video is for the square early type manifold. If yours is 03 onwards theres only six bolts holding the manifold on instead of eight. Still a horrible job though but certainly made a difference on mine (which had clearly never been done after 112000 miles)

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Thanks Frank - I had a quick look at the video but I need to buy myself some new inlet manifold gaskets I think. Jaguar ones are about £82.00 after discount which is a lot of money. Seen many of them on eBay at varying prices but have o idea of the quality.


Mk1 Escortmad - Unfortunately for me - mine is the 2001 model - the sport model. Its a job I have to do. A previous receipt recommended they they were changed urgently. That was early 2014! I am starting to regret buying it now. So many things to repair and not enough money to do all. Lots have gone since taking possession which were not obvious at time of buying the car or have happened since.

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There is one each side arent there? Connected with a plastic pipe.


Doing Oil change this week. Saw on Amazon synthetic Oil (Ford oil) which i have confirmed on here that its OK to use - 5 litres for £20.00 - well the garage selling it is in Plymouth where I live so i went to see them. I bought 6 litres for £21.76 - heavily discounted - I have another 3 litres of synthetic Oil (really high quality oil) to top up to required level.


Now its looks as though the transmission oil has not been changed for ever and a day. I need to protect the transmission as its done 131000 miles. This looks like an impossible job for me to do. Do you know how much an all inclusive price is roughly to change the oil. I am not sure but is there an oil filter in the transmission sump? Also special oil is required from what i have read.


Then I have to get brakes sort. I have the problem where the low brake fluid level message comes up on dash although the fluid is on max. I am noticing the longer i keep my foot on the brake pedal at standstill the further the brake pedal goes down. When driving though the brakes are fine and quite close to the top. Now my wifes car had to have a new servo unit and since a second hand one was fitted it changed the whole feel to the brakes. Now I am wondering if my servo unit is on its way out. I can get a used one on eBay for about £60 including the brake cylinder.  The trouble is that its not clear where the problem is.  Any thoughts?

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Oh I am also going to buy a new fuel filter - does not look like its ever been changed according to receipts. Car is quiet and runs smoothly. Transmission gear slightly stiff when it gets a warm when i want to put it back in to park. Or when I need to put it to drive from park when engine is warm. I have been reading articles on the net and what I am doing now is that when I park up, i turn the engine off and then put it in park. Also when engine is warm and when I want to start car, I put car in neutral and start it in neutral before putting in to drive. Seems to work better. No problem when transmission is cold. You can see now why I want to change the transmission Oil. Any thoughts on that?

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Hi Robert,


The gearbox Oil is supposed to last for life, but many members have changed it at around 75k and have found it beneficial.


I intend to do mine at that mileage but it has only done 61k and is two years away from a change.





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Hi Robert


If holding your foot on the brake and the pedal goes down ,If there is no leaks anywhere

I think you will find it to be the master cylinder leaking back past the seals and back into the

chamber--Master cylinder -E-Bay==£35.


And have you "seen" this about gear box fault the same the same as your problem----


RE: Problems with S type auto gear box

It is the shift cable. It just needs adjusted You need a15/16

wrench and vice grips. Fung fu grip the center console off the car. Put
it in neutral. Then put the vice grips just behind the nut, on the
metal. Back off one of the nuts a little, then tighten the other side.
It will move the cable inside. Then put it from neutral to reverse and
back to neutral and back to drive. The distance between R-N and N-D
should be the same. The letters should light up at same distance I mean.
If it isnt, go the other direction. If you are not comfortable doing
that, have someone else do it. But it is just an adjustment.
If needed I have a more detailed way to do it .I will  put it up if wanted.????
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