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Fitting a leaper?


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Hi Phillip,


Drilling holes in the bonnet does put me off a Leaper for the reason of drilling holes and secondly the possibility of injuring someone.


I have heard that there is a stick on one somewhere out there.


I was In the David Manners warehouse last week and only saw the screw on one.


I did an alternative by putting a small leaper on the boot






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just remember to make sure you fit a spring loaded leaper as the old type are not legal any more or there is 

there is a version of a leaper with wings on the base which is a more modern version  it doesn't look to bad and it stick's on with 3m tape .

regards Ron  

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no buddy i dont  but i will look later for you  i do know it was automotive werehouse company in the usa.


it was an alloy leaper with wings  at the base  at under $20.00 with free shipping.

there was one on eBay as well but it was £31.00p but was a uk seller. 



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I figured the only other option would be a stick on version (which i guess if it is ever removed would leave damage to paintwork) so i'll probably live without one. Thanks for the replies guys.

if you heat these up with a hair dryer they come off quite easy then all is needed is a wax & a polish just like having decals /stickers removed 


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Hi know this is a late reply but you can get stick on leaper on eBay for £16.99 it's from Hong Kong but a have bought stuff from there and it has been fine the seller is delux-choice item number 231593956557

Hope this can help some one else who is looking for a bonnet leaper

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