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Fresh S-type owner


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Hey there how are you all doing, i have just bought my first Jag a 1999 3.0 auto and I just wanted to ask what i should look out for in problems really and should I give it a good service as soon as I pick it up including the gearbox. any advice would be much appreciated


Names Will by the way 

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Hi Will,


Welcome to the club :)


What you do in terms of servicing, I would suggest, depends upon what service history you have and how much you trust it.


Personally, whenever i get a new car I like to start at "Day One" so I have it fully serviced as far as routine items are concerned and while that is taking place my mechanic checks everything else.


Enjoy your new car :)

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Not wishing to paint a bad picture but.......

Worn suspension

Worn interior

Electrical problems

Gearbox problems

Aircon problems

Rusty sills

Cam chain problems

Heater problems

I owned a 99 T reg S type last year and suffered most of that listed.

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hi will

as the previous post says as a 16 year old car it could have lots of faults. in my opinion I would drive it for a while to see how it feels and if any fault lights come on .a good way to get an overall view is to have a mot done

cheers chris

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Mine had the following problems.

Cam chain tensioner rattle on startup

Central locking that had a mind of its own

Tired interior

Broken rear window regulators

Rust on bonnet due to stone chips

Clunk on suspension, rectified with arb bushes and drop links for around £30

Aircon inop due to a leaky pipe (£340 + vat from jaguars)

No hot air from heater, faulty blend valve, again quite expensive from jag.

Noisy cat.

It'd done 121k but drove nice and was only £350 with 11months mot so I can't really grumble, you get what you pay for!!

Had it 6 months and sold it on for £350 to buy my current S type, a 2006 2.7d SE manual one owner car with full dealer history.

I liked the old S type so much I bought a newer one and have vowed to have Jaguar cars from now on!!

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