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Left footrest


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Hi, I recently purchased my first Jag, a 2000 3.0 V6 S-Type with just 72k kms (44k miles) on the clock and am very happy with it.  However unlike my other cars there is no footrest for the left foot.  Is this something that Jag overlooked or do other models have one?  Is one available anywhere?

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Hi Robin,

Wow, just 44k in 15 years! I thought I did well recently when buying mine with 65k in 12 years.

I too am annoyed by lack of footrest. I'm thinking of a wedge shaped block of wood but have to figure out how to make it secure enough so that it doesn't fall under the brake pedal etc. an alternative is going to scrapyard and get one off a car that you know from past experience is comfy. For me that would be a Scorpio.


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Hi Robin and welcome to the club.


I was also surprised by the lack of a footrest until I looked at the statistics of cars built and found that out of  about 330k cars built over half went abroad to countries where right hand drive was not the standard.  Add to that the number of cars with a manual gearbox was quite high, probably about 20%.


The accountant in me says that making 3 variations of carpets would cost more to provide something that not too many people would be bothered if it was not there,


A suggestion that could provide the answer if to buy a matching carpet tile and glue the required size to a piece of wood of the required thickness snd velcro could be used to put it into place.





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I had an 08 skoda octavia a few years ago that had a left footrest AND one on the right for when the cruise was in use!!!

Very Useful

Missus's Mgf has a left footrest but it's a little awkward to use comfortably!

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lack Plastic Antislip Foot Rest Pedal 24.7cm Long for Car

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Name Foot Rest Pedal. Pedal Size (Approx. ) 24.7 x 9cm/ 9.7" x 3.5"
(L*W) 1 x Foot Rest Pedal. This is spare pedal for the rest of your left


Pehaps something like this on eBay.?????




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I solved the missing left footrest problem by making one out of some 18SWG aluminium I had and attaching it to the two bolts which anchor the steering column through the floor.  I found the bolts were long enough to just attach the footrest using additional nuts without having to disturb the existing nuts.  Here are a couple of pics showing the thing in place.  Works a treat, didn't need to drill holes in the floor, and if I ever have to remove the footrest it's easily done.  I'll attach some rubber once I find some suitable but it works perfectly Ok without.



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