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Well I have had my S Type nearly a year and I love it, runs like a dream but it has one little problem and its had it since I got it, and it if I hit the brake pedal hard, quickly it feels like I have no help from the servo, feels like I catch the servo asleep, wondering if other owners find this with their S types, if not I will be looking to change the servo, pipes ect are leak free.

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Hi David,


I have not come across this issue, as generally I am a gentle braker.


But hard braking needs a good servo, and if there are no leaks I guess you will be looking in the right place to solve the problem.





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Hi David --If I was you I would check the pipes really well -You say the pipes are leak free

but is there any sign of a kink and what is there condition I've known them to break up inside ????

Just a thought !!!  all the best in finding the answer.



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Thanks for that Frank, I am going to give it a good look over at the weekend, when I first get the car it had a air leak at the back of the engine, there was a split in a right angle pipe, but access there is a little difficult, maybe if I remove the panel ect below the windscreen might help a little, I did see a very small black pipe not connected to anything when I done the air leek so maybe it would be a good idea I find that again and see where it should go.

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