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Being Helpful.

Old Peter

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The assistance that club members can give by just sharing experiences is becoming more and more necessary as nowadays cars are becoming more complicated, and main dealers are charging far more than many members can afford.


There is the idea that if a member has seen a car advertised on the internet or otherwise, he or she could ask a local member to have a look at the car to see if it is as advertised.  


The same concept can be used for locating spares which could avoid shipping costs.  Very often the supplier will charge £10 to send something that would cost nothing if picked up rom the supplier and passed on the the member either by post or personally, if the member happened to be in the area.


Recently a member in the West of Ireland need a part for his immaculate X Type.  Fairly impossible to find in Ireland.  A member in England picked up the part locally, and enjoyed a coffee with the member in Ireland on his way to his holiday location, when passing on the part, saving the cost of  shipping.


Coincidence can be very useful.


Just a thought!


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