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so how many of you have pets at home.

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Hi, Im a newbe just joined.

We have a lovely nearly 2 years old German Shepherd dog called Max (which suits as he is Mad!). He is our third rescue GSD. Our last one died suddenly on 4th March.

We also have some fish as well and a few resident spiders. :)

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I have a beautiful long haired German Shepherd called Pasha ! He is 7 years old and the biggest "woos" you have ever met ! Scared of bin lids that flap, fireworks and also the back gate open as I think he thinks someone will take him !!! I love him to bits and I get up early every morning to spend time with him before I go to work !!! :D

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I have a six year old Dobermann called Sophie.She's as daft as a brush!! She winds up my best mate (who's scared of her) by running up behind him, and "nose butts" him when he bends over to put his shoes on! Every time! You'd think he'd learn by now!! (Sorry Andy, if you read this!)

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