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driving abroad

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If you are planning to visit the Continent this summer with your jag, make sure you inform your Insurance Company beforehand, I didn't know,  I had a accident in Holland, not my fault. I am fully comp, with a commercial policy, when I got back , I informed my insurance about the accident, which is AXIA insurance, they said that because I didn't inform them beforehand  that I was going abroad, I was only insured third party only, apart from putting me in touch with a claims company, apart from that they didn't want to know. I am now possibly left with a £5000 repair bill. What a easy get out clause for them not to do anything.

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I have just come back from Ireland.  Before I went I checked my policy and found out that I was insured for driving abroad but only for third party, which is the basic insurance required in Europe.  I chose to upgrade my policy for 10 days at the cost of £23.

I also upgraded my breakdown cover which cost £40.


I had been abroad before when I had company cars and knew I had to tell my employer before I went so that my cover could be upgraded.


Nigel has given members some rather good information.



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Hi Peter. Good reply like all t and t most people only read part of it.I have a place in France and go there every 5 to 6 weeks and have done so for the last 10 years. So I suppose I have been lucky. What hakes me off more than anything is that the first time I take the jag over that happened . Moral of the story is read all the terms and conditions of your insurance. By the way if I had called the company. It was free to upgrade to fully comp.never mind we all learn hence the topic.

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