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Halfords... NEVER on a Saturday

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Well, I thought it was quite amusing:-

I called in at my local Halfords superstore this afternoon and asked an assistant where they kept their riveters.

A look of blank incomprehension made its glacial way across the spotty youth's visage and I pressed my point thusly:-

"So you haven't got any riveters?"

"No sir" then with a certain tolerant disdain for the clearly aged dementia sufferer in front of him:-

"This is HALFORDS?" (I detest it when people terminate every statement with a rising tone interrogative)

"We have bits for cars and bikes... and we also have choonz" (I believe that's what he said) "oh, and we also sell tools"

Like I said - I thought it was amusing :)

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hi paul in our wee small town we ave a Halfords. and we have a local car diy store called overdrive. Halfords is a big name store like argos ect. it tends to be full of wemen who don't know that they have to do checks on their car and don't seek help and no wer to turn till it breaks down hence the name halfrauds

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Most frequently problems with shop assistants goes down to training or lack of it.


At the same time you do get some wonderful moments.


Two I have had in the past come quickly to mind;


"I am going to ask a very impertinent question"   and from the same person


"We need to sit down and fornicate an agreement".


But the one which cause the most laughter, and in court at that was a Barrister, QC no less asking the same question 4 times, with the same answer being given in one word "No".

He then says "Forgive me for being dim" and before he could continue he got the obvious answer "I do, I do forgive you"  Laughter in court!!



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