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Seeking advice on key fob problem

The Prof

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I have just bought a 2007 2.2 estate and it is in lovely condition. However, one of the key fobs just stopped working yesterday and it was not much fun in the car park. The other key fob works so I was able to drive home.


I inserted new batteries in each key fob but still the fob doesn't work with the car. The faulty fob transmits but just doesn't talk to the car.


I did a quick search about possibly pairing the key fob again to the car but each version on the internet tells me a slightly different approach regarding the procedure. I would be grateful if someone could give me the exact steps to pair the key fob again.



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Hi Ken, and welcome to the club.


key fob problems often get lots of answers, but the best solution is to get a good auto locksmith who will programme the key fob to the car.  That will be much cheaper than a main dealer.


Just google auto locksmith and you will find one.  There are several in England,and the mobile ones appear to be quite good.





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Here you go


1 Open drivers door

2 Turn ignition switch to position 1 then to 2 four times. You will hear a chime.

3 Turn the ignition off and remove the key

4 Press a key on the key fob within ten seconds (unlock is a good one) You should hear a chime

5 If you want any other key fobs programmed just press a button and listen for the chime. Max of four can be programmed.

6 Close the door

7 Check to see if it has worked.

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