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Hi All, 


I came across this site yesterday by accident.


The EML came on when my wife and were out with two of our grandchildren, so when we got back home I show young Danny how to find out what was wrong using my OBD2 scanner.   You can't start boys too soon when cars are involved.   Having  found the code  -  P0402  --  I then showed him how to find out what that meant, by using my laptop,  and this site came up.  Not only did it tell me exactly what was wrong, but the possible causes and also the symptoms.  Very useful!


Too much exhaust gas not getting through the EGR valves.  "How are you going to fix it, Grandad?  So I told him that I had a can of EGR cleaner in the boot and that he would have to help me by sitting in the drivers seat and keeping the engine revs at 1200 rpm, while I squirted the contents of the can into the air intake after taking out the air filter.


He did the job brilliantly, keeping the revs on 1200rpm perfectly.Really concentrating on what he was doing. He will make a great driver in another 9 years time!



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any chance of the website link since i can't really work out what website you are reffering to?

I agree. I searched using Google but couldn't find where you meant Peter. A link would be ideal please mate.

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Hi Paul and Phil,


DATSC appears t4o be a German company that operates a business in Cardiff for luxury and classic car.


I got to it by googling    technical resources - DATSC  and when it came up I found a very good search tool at the right hand side.


I hope you can find it OK




Peter    ---- Just got back from a shopping village on the A5!

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Hi Andy,


Not the site that came up for me, but almost identical and does the job required.


I had code P0402 come up, and although I knew what it was I wanted to show my grandson how to find out what the code meant.  And it produced a very good write up.





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